Successful golf coaching programmes require excellent coaches. But that’s only the start. Those coaches increasingly demand a better experience with their partner clubs, and a better user experience when it comes to software that complements their tuition.

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Orbis’ suite of industry-leading coaching programmes apply proven methodology and expertise to help you identify and nurture future generations of club- and course-ready golfers. They’re also fully integrated with GLF.Connect, Orbis Golf’s remarkable proprietary software, and its associated app.

In short, Orbis’ set-up and management software provides far-reaching benefits for venues, members and coaches, and for students of all ages and abilities. The ripple effect is verified.


Find a regular stream of new business with a vast range of coaching programmes ready to implement at your club. It’s a really powerful recruitment and retention tool for your business.

Structured and progressive programmes provide coaches and students of any age or experience level the immersive and inspiring support they need to succeed.

Students chart their progress, see results quickly, and find the learning experience rewarding. This approach significantly improves customer retention.


Students engaged in Orbis coaching programmes, whatever their ability, are introduced to membership as an integral part of their progression.

By providing learning content that is engaging, operators secure students who stick around for longer and develop a deeper attachment to the venue. With Orbis programmes, students see the golf club as a key part of their joined-up experience across your business.


Customers fully engaged in tuition that instils and rewards purpose and progress, visit the club more often, spending more money and placing a higher value on club membership.

Students participating in Orbis programmes are the most engaged customers, and are far more likely to become long-term assets to your wider business.

Programming key features, at a glance:

Adult and Junior Programmes, ready to go

Orbis Programming includes a range of group and private programmes for both adults and juniors, so you can implement them seamlessly within your coaching offering. Designed to keep students looking ahead for ‘what’s next?’,Orbis programmes provide a clear pathway for all customers, regardless of their goals, ages and abilities.

Seamlessly Integrated Training Content

Learn about Orbis Programmes and how to implement them at your club (and within a coach’s business). Central to GLF.Connect, our programmes develop knowledge of the programmes and how the tools connect together, and save progress at every step.

Integrated with GLF.Connect

Bring your programmes to life through our GLF.Connect software, including using the booking system to showcase programmes and availability. Manage the customers journey at every step with a range of tools, and track and reward customers via the MyGame+ feature.


Market your programmes using our templates, built via our Marketing Hub. Edit templates easily for every programme and customise them to your golf club and coaching business. They’re vital tools for attracting traffic to your GLF.Connect system and into your programmes.


We provide all the tools, in one place, to support each step of implementing your programmes. From training on how to schedule into GLF.Connect, to marketing and communication templates to help engage effectively with your customers, to the most important task: delivering a knockout experience in the lesson or class.

Customer Facing Resources

Put the programme in the hands of your customers and bring them to life, with resources built to support the coaching experience. This includes programme folders for juniors to track their progress, and welcome guides to create the WOW factor.

Fun and Engaging Challenges

Our Learn to Play Golf and Junior Academy programmes are built with fun and progressive challenges to benchmark, track and measure game development as well as support the coaching experience. Meanwhile, our Scoring Goal challenges provide the perfect supporting component to those on private coaching journeys and adult social group coaching.

Detailed Class

Each programme includes a bank of class plans, giving your coaches a framework for delivering an exceptional coaching experience. Plans are accessible online and include suggested timetables, guidance on how to structure lessons, and a bank of games and practice stations.

Library of Class

Build unique coaching sessions with resources to support a range of skills areas, and practice games and drills that can be delivered across the coaching programmes.

Sam Stephens Testimonial
Sam Holloway Testimonial

There was a hole in the market for a junior golf programme that was well resourced and showed clear pathways from first lesson to the course. I was aware of several programmes that did different parts well, but until I saw the Orbis programme, there was nothing that covered everything that I wanted.

Sam Stephens, Golf Operations Manager, Plymouth Golf Centre

I have all the programming in place to ensure new learners get a fantastic experience every time. The pathways for progress are incredibly well thought out and the conversion into Academy memberships has made a huge impact on the club.

Sam Holloway, PGA Golf Development Professional, South Winchester Golf Club
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