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Orbis Golf is a UK-based team of golf fanatics and business experts with decades of experience helping golf businesses identify, secure and sustain fantastic growth opportunities.

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Rob Spurrier, CEO Orbis Golf Testimonial

“The Orbis team is dedicated to improving everyone’s enjoyment of golf and advancing the game we love”

Rob Spurrier, CEO Orbis Golf
About Orbis Golf - meet the team

There’s very little we don’t know about the game, and even less we don’t know about the business side of things.

We’re also acutely aware that rich data, fit-for-purpose software and integrated programming has become integral to good business – and that’s why we’re highly sought-after in the industry, and rapidly expanding into international markets.

From experience-informed expert consultancy, to proven marketing strategies, to admin and reporting, to advanced data collection, analysis and application, we simply love to help golf businesses and fellow golf-lovers to identify and secure opportunities – and to sustain their success.

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